Vaibhavya Foods
(Homely Meal at ur Doorsteps)

We, The Vaibhavya Foods, a cooking passionate team specialized in cooking authentic South Indian Food intends to cater the specific dietary needs, such as heart-healthy, diabetic-friendly, low-sodium and more specifically to the Older People and Senior Citizens in and around Alwal, Secunderabad.

During this COVID-19 Pandemic Crises, we intend to cater the Older and Senior people ensuring delivery of safe, healthy and hygienic food as we prepare food at our homely environment and sanitizing kitchen floors, walls and utensils at regular intervals.

We promise that we strictly follow all safety measures by wearing masks, applying sanitizers and no human to human contact while delivering the food at your doorsteps and hence avoiding the risk of COVID transmission.

1.We also undertake orders from other than older and senior adults.
2. We also prepare Pickles on order to order basis
3. We also prepare Sweets and Hots on order to order basis.

We look forward to serve you.

Team Vaibhavya😊

Ganesh: 9949454497
Harsha: 9000966018